When I am in a style rut, I resort to the cool contrast of black and white.  Since #blackandwhite can be very one dimensional, I rely on the perforated detail of the midi skirt to add the right amount of texture, et voilà! Now let's talk about this cool midi skirt for a moment.  It is a score from Wasteland, my favorite spot for thrift-shopping in Los Angeles.  It's hard to believe thrifted clothes can be in such pristine condition.  Believe it, if you look hard enough, you can find new clothes with tags on.  They also carry a few urban private labels in their "new" section of the store.  Maybe I will do a post on my experience on thrifting throughout the years.  I am not particularly a thrifty person, but I have selected areas in my life that are worthy of investments.  If you follow me, I am sure you know what I like to splurge on.

On another note, I am sad that NYFW is coming to an end.  New York is in bone-chilling grip and everyone is bundled up in layers - a whole lot of thick black layers.  I am not seeing much colors or head-turning outfits.  My favorite translatable-into-street wear is Jcrew.  They have done it again with unexpected color and pattern mixings - not over the top, but different.  Continuing to watch the shows from afar.  Hope you enjoy the last couple days of craziness if you are out there in New York.

My D.

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Top : Jcrew // Perforated Midi Skirt : Thrifted

Belt : Club Monaco (similar)

Clutch : M2Malletier

Shoes : Stuart Weitzman (similar)

Photos : Azusa Takano